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Christian Kahler

NanoTech for Patreon users, make it possible!

I’d like to make NanoTech available to all Patreon users, but we need at least 250 users to make it possible. If we manage to reach 500 users, I could work on NanoTech full-time. We’re also considering bringing Erebus & Aruna on board (with free access via Patreon) if it proves profitable for us. With over 1000 users on the discord server, I see a real opportunity to make this happen! Currently, I’m also working on other projects to generate income, but if you want me to focus more on NanoTech for a quicker release, you can influence this via Patreon.

You can cancel your subscription at any time, and even if you were to subscribe for a year, it would be less expensive than purchasing the product via the asset store. The plan is to create a free asset store version where you can log in via your Patreon account and download the content directly into the Unity Editor. You’ll always have access to the version you downloaded, and if you need an update, you can resubscribe to receive it. While I can’t guarantee that we’ll maintain this process indefinitely, we’re striving to ensure the system functions smoothly. If not, you’ll still gain access via a GitHub repo.

The current version of NanoTech isn’t yet ready for alpha testing due to some major bugs and unfinished virtual shadow support. However, with some financial motivation from your end, I’m optimistic that we can resolve these issues soon and move towards a release.

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