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A-level (Abitur), advanced courses: math and art
Study: Qantm Institute – Bachelor of Arts “Interactive Animation” (Middlesex University London)
Thesis: Soft Shadow Mapping with HLSL
Software Knowledge: Unreal, Unity3D, Blender, ZBrush, Photoshop, 3ds Max, Nuke, DaVinci Resolve, and more
Coding Knowledge: C++, C#, Java, Max Script

Strengths: friendly, focused, team-minded, committed, innovative

– First coding experience with Commodore 64 (as a child)
– 1997 Created first small video game with “Klik & Play”
– Started to work on 3D & 2D Art
– Level Designer & 3D Artist für Ratbytes GbR
– 2D Designer at Tyco Electronics Raychem
– Many Game Projects at SAE/Qantm College
– Shadow & PhysX Plugins für Conitec GmbH
– Technical Artist bei Reality Twist GmbH
– FX Artist & Scripter bei Scanline VFX GmbH
– Sole proprietor / freelancer
– GPU Coder bei Infinite-Realities Ltd
– Coder bei NEXT-Munich GmbH
– Unity C# Coder + Shader Dev bei Pipedream Media GmbH
– Unity Coder bei Usaneers GmbH
– Own Unity Projects: Dynamic Global Illumination | GPU Collider System

  • Taught myself C++ coding and art
  • Created and sold first DLL plugins to a Game Engine Company
  • Selected as Lead Artist during study
  • Worked on video games for other game companies
  • Worked as a VFX Artist on Hollywood movies (see IMDB)
  • Worked on XR projects for big companies like BMW
  • Became a successful sole proprietor
Games & Assets
Chris Kahler
Street Fighter
Fortnite Live
Gameplay & GameDev
Dota 2 Live