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Author: CK

Just did a few bug fixes, with the compute shaders, it should run now on all Unity versions, except beta releases (e.g. Unity6).Tested with Unity 2021, 2022, 2023Don't forget to add the manifest.json lines of xNode and UniTask!Thanks!

I'm planning to release the first alpha version of the voxel system next week!There will be more update in the future as I want to replace the Unity terrain system with it, so it should cover the same features too.This system will be available for free for all Patreon users!

This is the exclusive content area, which will be filled with special treats for loyal members!There will be new content soon!For now, you can download my 3D scans here and some simple tool scripts:Forest Pack: Scans: Tools: mesh script lets you split a mesh into separate elements if the mesh has parts

Hey there, lovely people! 👋 Allow me to share an exciting project that's been brewing in my creative cauldron—it's called "Nano Tech"! Picture this: an ingenious tool akin to Nanite, with a twist of my own magical touch, set to revolutionize the way we experience virtual wonders.But here's the best part—you have the

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